On 1/20 the shipping charge will be increasing to $.75 per order. The USPS rate is increasing and the number of envelopes that are requiring additional postage are increasing. I am doing my best to keep prices as low as possible. I felt adding $.25 to every order was a better option than to add $.25 to each set of coupons. If you have looked at other sites, you may have noticed that hot or high value coupons go for over $3 for a set of 10, and many of the sites also charge an additional $.50 handling fee on top of the shipping charge. Thanks for your understanding on this issue.

Pure protein $3/1 shake multipack (2/7)  RMN 1/6

Pure protein $3/1 shake multipack (2/7) RMN 1/6

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Pack includes 10 coupons. Package will be shipped First Class via U.S. Postal Service Please remember that although these coupons are available to be ordered early, THEY WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL DECEMBER 31.