PLEASE READ!!! Apparently the P&G has been pulled from many regions (not exactly sure why, there are 100 rumors going around) I am doing everything I can to find some, but not having much luck, I will keep looking. I will list the smart source Wednesday night, and the Retail Me Not on Thursday night. My Smart source I was expecting today did not come in- hopefully it will be here tomorrow, and the Retail Me Not should be here tomorrow as well. We do have softball this weekend (Friday night/all day Saturday). I will ship as normal on Friday (hopefully to include 4/28 orders including only Aleve- more if I can, but I can't promise) Saturday I will print at 8am to ship if orders containing items from 4/14 & earlier. Depending on how the day goes, I may or may not be able to print again. The post office is on the opposite side of town from the ballpark, but I will do what I can.

Barilla $1.50/2 Ready Pasta pouch (exp 6/2)  RMN 4/7

Barilla $1.50/2 Ready Pasta pouch (exp 6/2) RMN 4/7

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Pack includes 10 coupons. Package will be shipped First Class via U.S. Postal Service Please remember that although these coupons are available to be ordered early, THEY WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL APRIL 5.