I have added more of most of the P&G items and a few of the items from the 11/17 RMN (suave $.75/1 & vaseline $2/1) Please take note of the expiration date. There is no mail Wed, Dec 5 as it is a day of Mourning for President Bush, so these items will not leave Mobile, AL until Thursday 12/6- If you do not have a raincheck, or if your store does not take expired coupons, or you do not pay for priority shipping, PLEASE do not order anything that expires 12/8 or 12/9. They will NOT get there in time and I will NOT be refunding if you order them and they expire before they get to you. The P&G was supposed to arrive at my house last Wednesday and just arrived today, which is why I am adding them so late. Some of them do have expiration dates that are farther our (expiration date is in the title of each item, please double check) Also, for the first time in the year and a half I have owned the business, there are a handful of orders that went out late. They should have shipped yesterday, however we were in Mississippi for my father-in-law's funeral and nothing shipped yesterday. I had no idea the post office was going to be closed tomorrow until I got there today to drop off and saw the sign on the door. There was only about 15-20 orders that went out late. But they should still make it to you in the "5 business day" window (Tuesday, December 10)