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Please Read This Page BEFORE Placing Your First Order

My account won't let me log in? 

This topic generates the single highest volume of calls and emails.  My account says I can't log in, so I try to register and it says my email already exists. How can this be?  Believe it or not, the fix is really simple.  When this happens, it simply means you didn't validate your account registration when you filled out your information.  Once you are done entering your name, address, etc. the system will send you a validation email to your registered email address.  When you receive this email, simply click on the link and you will be good to go.  Please note that many times this email will go to your SPAM filter or JUNK folder.  It comes from  Please make sure you look in those places and add that address to your safe sender list.  Once you do that, you will be able to receive all of your order updates, etc when they are sent.  Otherwise, you may never get site communications from us.

How Fast will I get my coupons?

Now there's a question we can't answer.  All we can tell you is how quickly we ship them.  Or shipping policy is very simple.  Order by noon Eastern Time and they wll ship the same day, seven days a week.  Order after noon Eastern Time they will ship the following day.  We do not deviate from this rule.  How fast you get them once you drop them off is up to Uncle Sam's foot soldiers at the US Postal Service.  I wish I controlled that end of the business.  Also, please note that your order status will automatically change to "shipped" when we print your label and packing slip.  In addition, the system will change the status to "delivered" when the rewards points are "delivered" to your account.  That does not mean your envelope has been "delivered".  Many times, you are ordering coupons 3-4 days before they will physically ship from Tampa.  Please refer to the individual items description(s) for when your item actually ships.  Each item description gives the exact date the coupons are first available for shipping.  Please note, if you are ordering coupons that are already in-stock AND coupons that are pre-orders for the coming weekend, the order will be held and shipped when the pre-order coupons are available.  If you want the in-stock coupons to ship now, you need to place those on a separate order.  Otherwise, your coupons will ship together in an envelope when the pre-orders are available.

My account says that my coupons were shipped and delivered on the same day.  How is that even possible? 

Please note that your order status will automatically change to "shipped" when we print your label and packing slip.  In addition, the system will change the status to "delivered" when the rewards points are "delivered" to your account.  That does not mean your envelope has been "delivered".  Many times, you are ordering coupons 3-4 days before they will physically ship from Tampa.  Please refer to the individual items description(s) for when your item actually ships.  Each item description gives the exact date the coupons are first available for shipping.

My coupons should have been here by now!  Where are they?  Did you really ship them?

If you have this question after reading the notes above about shipping speed, please go back and re-read the notes about shipping speed.  If you haven't read the notes above about shipping speed, please read them so that this answer will make sense.  Once done, start here: We have no control over the speed of delivery for your coupons.  All we can control is when we ship them.  Your coupons are shipped out at 12:30 every day, 100% of the time.  We take our lunch breaks to fill orders and drop them off at the Post Office.  Once that happens, it's out of our hands.  Because the orders are shipped First Class Mail, there is no tracking mechanism once shipped.  Therefore, our policy is to allow FIVE BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE STATED SHIP DATE for PRE-Orders and FIVE BUSINESS DAYS FROM YOUR ORDER DATE FOR IN-STOCK COUPONSfor delivery.  Saturday and Sunday are not business days.  COUPONS STATED TO SHIP ON SUNDAY ARE DROPPED AT THE POST OFFICE AND DON’T LEAVE TAMPA UNTIL MONDAY.  THEREFORE THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY ON PRE-ORDERS is TUESDAY. In our experience, 99% of anything that could happen to an order is rectified within this time frame.  By waiting FIVE BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE STATED SHIP DATE, we will have let all things run their course and allow for the issue to remedy itself.  After that, we get involved.  Please understand that things like "My coupons usually arrive in 2 days.  It's been 3 days and they still haven't come" cannot be dealt with due to the sheer volume of envelopes that we ship each week.  Please wait the full FIVE BUSINESS DAYS before contacting us about a potentially lost order.  If your sale ends or the coupon expires within that FIVE BUSINESS DAY time period, we respectfully suggest that you DO NOT PLACE THE ORDER.  If you do, you are ordering at the risk of the coupons not arriving in time for the sale or by the end of the expiration date.

If you ask us not to order coupons within 5 business days of expiration, why do you have coupons listed on your site within that time frame?

Because of the contsantly changing store policies, there are times we will leave coupons available on the site up to, and past the expiration date if there is a hot sale with rain checks attached.  Many stores are now taking expired coupons (within reason) if they ran out of stock and issued rain checks.  Make sure you know your individual store policy on this as it is different at every store.  We list the expiration date of every single coupon in the title and the item description on our site.  It is your responsibility to know what coupons you are ordering.  We cannot question whether you ordered correctly at the time of shipping, we simply ship what you ordered knowing that you carefully read the description.

What are "Rewards Points" and how do I use them?

Wiz Clipz has a customer loyalty program that deposits rewards points into your account on our site with each purchase that you make.  Every time you complete and pay for an order on Wiz Clipz, 5% of the order total is deposited into your Rewards Points account.  When your total number of points reaches 250, you may start redeeming them for purchase on our site.  Each point is worth 1 penny, so 250 points is $2.50 in credit.  Redeeming the points is easy.  When you are past your 250 point threshold, you simply place an order like you normally would.  When you go through the checkout process, the system will provide you with your points balance and ask you how many points you wish to use on the current purchase.  You type in the number of points you want to redeem and the site will remove that amount from your overall total.  

Why can't I add coupons to my cart?  It says they are in stock?

One of the enhancements on the new site is the ability to put coupons in your cart and not have to worry about someone buying them out from under you.  However, we still do not physically take them out of inventory until they have been purchased.  The system will automatically sweep all accounts that have unfinished purchases several times per day and automatically cancel those orders.  When those orders are cancelled, the inventory will be added back to the site and the "add to cart" button enabled.  If you happen to be shopping for a product and there is no option to "add to cart" yet it shows that the coupon is available, it's because those coupons are currently in other customers' carts until they check out or until the unfinished order is cancelled. That inventory may or may not be available in the future.  Also keep in mind that if you subscribe to be notified when a product is back in stock, the site will automatically send you an email the second inventory is replenished.

Why is there a limit on the coupons I really need? 

We do not print coupons.  We buy papers, clip them and send them out.  There is a limited supply of those papers and subsequently a limited supply of the coupons involved.  Chances are, if there is a coupon that you really need, there are 500 of your closest friends that are looking for the same coupon.  Sadly, if we didn't put a limit on the hottest coupons, the first few people woud clear out all of our inventory, leaving everyone else without.  Because we teach extremely EFFECTIVE couponing on our sites, we do not promote over-consumption through our ancillary services.  This site was put in place to serve the needs of as many Wiz Kids as possible.  Limiting coupons is one way to do it.  Please note that our stance on this is very rigid.  When we limit a coupon, it is limited peraccount, address, name, whatever you choose.  Please do not create multiple accounts, multiple orders or any other method to attempt to skirt the limits.  If we discover this, we immediately shut down all accounts for the violator and block the ip address.  In some cases, we also note a restocking fee.  

Please take this as seriously as we do.  While we understand that there are exceptions to every rule, we cannot bend on this.  Once the initial onslaught is over, we typically lift the coupon limits and make the inventory available to whoever wants what's left.  However, there is no guarantee that we will lift limits and there is no guarantee of a time frame of when we will do it.

Are you going to list more of a specific coupon? 

We list coupons every day as we clip and prepare them for shipping.  To be alerted as to whether or not new coupons are listed, you can download our smartphone app on The App Store or Google Play.  When you do, please make sure that push notifications are enabled on your phone so that you can receive our alerts.  If you don't have a smartphone, our Facebook Page is another great way to keep up.  Unfortunately, we can't possible respond to every email that we get asking when we are going to list coupons.  We have put the two aforementioned tools in place to communicate with as many people as possible at one time.  Please use them.

How do I pay?

We take virtually every form of payment known to man via PayPal. However, you can pay with all major credit cards and debit cards.   Please note that if you are a Paypal member, but wish to pay outside of Paypal, you may need to clear out your browser cookies to be sure that you are not automatically logged in to your account when you click to pay.  This will allow you to "check out as guest" and enter whatever payment information you desire.

Why don't your prices fluctuate?

We firmly believe that since we are charging for time and materials that the price should always be the same.  It does not take any more effort to clip a $10.00 coupon than it does to clip a .25 coupon.  We have never understood why people who are selling a "service" can justify fluctuation in pricing based on coupon value.  Our coupons are all one price, period.