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Customer Loyalty Points

What are "Rewards Points" and how do I use them?

Wiz Clipz has a customer loyalty program that deposits rewards points into your account on our site with each purchase that you make.  Every time you complete and pay for an order on Wiz Clipz, 5% of the order total is deposited into your Rewards Points account.  When your total number of points reaches 250, you may start redeeming them for purchase on our site.  Each point is worth 1 penny, so 250 points is $2.50 in credit.  Redeeming the points is easy.  When you are past your 250 point threshold, you simply place an order like you normally would.  When you go through the checkout process, the system will provide you with your points balance and ask you how many points you wish to use on the current purchase.  You type in the number of points you want to redeem and the site will remove that amount from your overall total.